Saturday, 27 February 2016

Our Attendance at Richard D Hall's talk in Aylesbury

Apologies in advance for the shoddy photos. My camera is not very good in the dark. 

We had already watched Richard's documentary “When Madeleine died?” (more on this in another article) but still looking forward to attending his talk in Aylesbury and I'm glad we did decide to buy tickets and make the effort.

The route to the Railway Club was not as easy to find as we'd imagined. Our SatNav announced “you have reached your destination.” A row of houses on either side and nothing to suggest there was a building in sight that might be the Railway Club was not boding well. With time closing in on the start of Richard's talk we were a little apprehensive. Pulling up on two occasions to ask directions was met with the same reply “I've just been asked that by someone else. I'm sorry, I don't know.” Small mercies; at least we were not the only ones. Driving up and down the road an ice-cream van pulled up, Mr Morsal was convinced that if anyone would know where this Railway Club is then it would be him. And Mr Morsal was right! Perfect directions from Mr Ice-cream man. We arrived a few minutes late, Richard had already started his talk, but at least we weren't so late that we missed anything important.

The room was packed. We headed to the back and seated ourselves on a line of tables (how embarrassing!) But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we had a higher advantage point than the numerous people in front of us.

Richard touched on the McCann case but also introduced a variety of other subjects, some of which got my brain ticking. I had heard of animal mutilations and the oddness surrounding their deaths, but I had not heard that there's also human equivalents until Richard mentioned it (more on this later). That aside, for me the most important part of his talk was the opportunity to get a 'feel' of Richard as an individual.

I knew before we met him that Richard was someone who walked the path of truth seeking but didn't use his talks or documentaries to make money. As far as I'm aware he sells his DVD's until he has made enough to cover his costs plus some to help with future investigations and then he put his DVD's/documentaries on the internet to be viewed free of charge. What a good soul he is.

He wasn't exactly breaking the bank either with asking a mere £12 a ticket.

Okay, Richard gets some things wrong sometimes, but don't we all? I certainly have in the past. This is what happens in truth seeking. We think we have something right but later learn that it might be wrong. The difference with Richard is that if he does get something wrong he will put his hand up and say so and put it up on his site

What more could you ask?

I digress...

...I met Richard...well, I kind of thrust myself on him...I think he was heading to the bar for another glass of water during the break when I advanced with hand held out to introduce myself. He was pleasant and as friendly as I'd imagine him to be. There was absolutely no arrogance about him at all – a persons person; down to earth and certainly someone who has patience. What I noticed is that he made me feel at ease. As soon as we shook hands I didn't feel as if I was in the presence of someone who felt himself above others; I felt I was with a friend. That's how at ease he made me feel.

Later during the break I bought a hard copy of Richard's latest McCann DVD “When Madeleine Died?” Richard kindly signed the cover insert for me at my request. I'm not one for idolising celebrities, but having met him I'm pleased to think that he would sign it for me.

The second half of his talk began. Mr Morsal found certain subjects more interesting than me and I found subjects more interesting than him, which would indicate that Richard is reaching out to a wider audience in his talks. 

All in all, an evening well spent. Thank you to Richard. Your talk has inspired me to dig deeper on subjects that I had previously merely glanced over. Certainly there is more going on that requires our attention and I hope that other people are similarly widening their viewpoint.