Friday, 7 September 2012

It WAS a plane that hit WTC but which plane?

First the basics...

...Because of the way the plane sliced into the building like a hot knife through butter, coupled with the videos available on Youtube showing how easy it is simulate a plane (jet) doing the same thing, it’s easy to get swept along with the idea that there was no plane in the first place. Some have speculated that if there was no plane then it must have been a missile. However, having examined a clearer photo there is no doubt in my mind now that a plane did indeed hit the tower. The full photo shows the shape of the plane and concurs the angle of impact with available news footage:

Using the person (circled)and structure of the building we can hazard a guess at the height of the floors. It appears the entry hole spans three floors. That’s a huge object!

The following close up clearly shows the shape of the wing-tip and the damage caused on entry:
Edited to add: Although the wing tip has left impact marks, it has not penetrated the building.

It seems obvious that it was definitely a plane that hit the South Tower, not a missile, but which plane? I ask because according to the following video (a recording of NBC live coverage of that morning) flight UAL 175 was still in the air after both towers had been hit:


 Screenshot from the video is difficult to make out but with the stretch of the imagination it does appear to read UAL 175:

I admit I wasn’t convinced at first until I went to the Pilots For 911 which appears to have convincing evidence that 20 minutes after the impact, Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) – or in simpler terms: automatic ‘text’ messages – had been received by flight UAL 175.

If it is true that flight UAL 175 was still in the air 20 minutes after impact then it stands to reason that it wasn’t the plane that hit the South Tower. If it didn’t hit the tower then where did it go, where is it now and what of the passengers who were on board? Just as importantly, what was the plane that did hit the tower?