Friday, 31 August 2012

9/11 footage showing explosive charges detonating at building 7 is fake!

The following video supposedly shows explosive charges detonation at Building 7 just prior to its collapse. It’s convincing footage and, I’m embarrassed to admit, it fooled me... at first! The footage in question starts at approx. 01:40

But even while I was watching the apparent damning evidence unfold, there was something nagging me. My eyes were seeing one thing while my brain was trying to tell me there’s something wrong with the footage. Why had it taken so long for this to find its way to the internet?

There's plenty footage of the collapse on Youtube, some showing what is thought to be squibs, but no inkling of actual explosions, not even a slight orange spark in the grey smoky surroundings. I’m well aware that video manipulation is possible so perhaps the explosions had been erased before it was released for public scrutiny, after all, people have speculated that it was something else other than domestic airlines that hit the towers ...and as this video proves, it’s quite possible to overlay convincing ‘evidence’:

Would you believe this?

My own (admittedly, rather simplistic) explanation didn’t quell my doubts on the validity of the video though. The answer was eventually sourced at ‘Godlike Productions’ forum. One member there explains that the original video footage of the WTC 7 collapse had been copied, reversed and explosions/sound added later.

In a nutshell: The video has been’s fake.

Things like this do not help in any way except to offer ammunition to those who wish to discredit conspiracy theorists and no doubt they will use this video to destroy confidence in genuine evidence. It certainly won’t help the endeavours of 9/11 Truth Movement! Perhaps that was the intention?

An excellent site for information: 9/11 Research

Perhaps it pays never to take something on face value even if it appears to come from a reputable source, and at least try to validate anything before repeating. This doesn’t just apply to the subject of 9/11, but to all.