Thursday, 19 May 2011

Say goodbye to America

Mr Morsals would like to share his thoughts with anyone who would care to read them:

Say goodbye to America
Sadly it will be at the hands those pretending to represent America that the nation will be led to slaughter.
Those who really control the future are rarely visible yet they and their ancestors have been responsible for all the wars this world has ever seen, for those who control the money supply, control the wars, they have sponsored rebels, they have funded armies and they have paid the blood money for many a coup.
You see they are shaping the world because they believe they are the keepers of the knowledge and therefore rightfully placed to decide the future of mankind, although they don’t actually see the general population as the same species and so have no qualms about wasting their lives and spilling their blood to accomplish even the smallest of goals, they see the populous as completely expendable, they are just  useful animals that can be exploited for whatever purpose they see fit and sadly are so easily led, indeed some members of the ruling elite in America have stated it exactly like that, yet the people still respond to the call to war so long as it is presented as a noble cause.

America, God bless her was sold on ideals, dreams that any man would aspire to, for who could not believe in the right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" and who in their right mind would not be prepared to lay down their life to defend it...  Unfortunately the dice are loaded by those who believe in none of it.

By the creation of fictitious demons like communism and Al Qaeda, a nation brought up to believe in freedom etc has been duped into carrying out the most hideous crimes in the name of defending all that they believe in, even to the point of thinking they were saving the people they invaded, bringing such gifts as freedom and democracy, a crusade if you will, surely they must want to be like us!

At this moment in time I believe a plot is being perpetrated simultaneously on many nations around the world, a plot hatched a long time ago that required the coordination of many factors in preparation for the most fantastic deception in the history of the world.

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The goal is whole world domination by a small controlling elite who have on many occasions spoken of the need to reduce and then control the population of the world at something like 500,000.  This would presumably ensure that all their material needs could be taken care of without the servant class taking up too much space and making the place look untidy.

I am watching this deception unfold across numerous spheres of influence that we have all come to rely on, our governments are complicit in this act and the media corporations too are supporting the lie, our newspapers would rather tell us about the infidelity of a popular celebrity than talk about the issues which are at this moment changing our lives forever and not for the good of any of us.

History, if only it were taught in our schools would show that such manipulation of men and women has been repeated since Time immemorial but this time the plan is so sinister that it will strike the death knell for the freedoms and dreams of all human beings.

To return to my point that America will be no more, I want you to realise that if America stands for liberty and freedom, then in order to remove it as an obstacle to one world government it must first be shown to represent neither, which appears to be what’s happening right now, only then can the safety and security that so many people seem to desire be offered in the form of a one world government.

All we see right now are clear examples of the American administration and their naively obedient military, as opposed to the American people, attacking nation after nation in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and accusing them of harbouring him or being in some way complicit in his misdeeds, none of which is true.

At the same time we are led to believe that America is responsible for the pending collapse of the financial markets which is actually due to the mishandling of the markets by private banks who are the only ones to benefit from this chaos and not the American people who like the rest of us suffer at every turn with the theft of their property and wealth through the bailout fiasco and so called austerity measures imposed all over and a currency designed to fail, since being issued at interest inevitably means someone must fail, default and lose everything or indeed the system itself.

America is being set up as the bad guy, which is actually what wiki leaks was created to achieve, it was not about individuals fighting for truth, but to expose the corruption and abuses being carried out in the name of the American people who again had no control over, or for the most part were even aware of these things, the power is in the hands of only a few with an agenda unrelated to the apparent issues, it’s merely a smoke screen to hide the real crimes.

Spin, spin and more spin, international politics which is too convoluted for the average person to keep up with is presented in sound bites to manipulate the masses and create a sense of hostility between nations, to paralyse them with fear and anxiety and the belief that world war three maybe just ahead if we don’t accept the New World Order, a dangerous game they play just to appear as the saving grace with one world governance when all else appears lost.

The next step is to allow the American administration to be exposed to all the world as the great deceiver in prophetic biblical terms and proportions, regards the likes of 911 and Osama bin Laden being mere manufactured reality etc, ensuring that no other nation will come to her aid when world powers are forced to take a stand and the new world order or new wave communism will seem the only solution to the superpower gone rogue.

Yes, if peace where what was actually on offer, then I’m sure many people would agree that it must be the answer, the end to the killing of thousands of innocent men women and children and the poisoning of much of the world in the name of suppressing terrorism, but actually terrorism is manufactured by these people to convince us to relinquish our freedoms in the mistaken belief that someone else will keep us safe from harm, rubbish.

They are busy right now reshaping the various regions of the globe, toppling governments and shifting the balance of power, installing their puppets as they have always done ready for the final push amidst terrible fear and confusion, seizing control of resources, creating shortages and cripplingly high prices so few will be able to feed their families until the peoples cry out for the New World Order as promised now by so many world leaders.

Achieved by deception, lies and false flag events all nations will be led blindly to a future more frightening than anything yet witnessed from the past, to a point when most of us will have lost everything to the power of the banks and our liberties dismantled by totalitarian authorities, we may out of helpless desperation welcome this Beast that will decide who lives and who dies just as in the fabled 1984 or the numerous other works of fiction depicting the goals of the controlling elite, God helps us.

What I would like to do is simply encourage anyone who reads this to question everything that is presented to them by anyone in an official capacity, if what they say is true then it will stand healthy scepticism and be made the stronger for the enquiry, and then re-examine all explanations regards world events given to us by the media who we have grown to trust as our sole source of information, and ask ourselves that if such evil does exist then would it not use all these things against us, would it not turn man against man, divide us by religion, use the sciences of war and medicine and the influence of governments and the media, are we not encouraged now through greed and selfishness to regard our neighbours with mistrust?

People are not inherently bad, they tend more towards goodness and kindness, I remember a journalist that went to Iraq prior to the gulf war who met with villagers and told then of the impending invasion and although they had little, far from seeing him as the enemy, they laid on a feast for the man and welcomed him as a guest, though we were led to believe they are hostile, even savage, that’s the nature of the deception. Conversely under the right influence all men can be coerced into carrying out unspeakable deeds as we know only too well.

What is needed now before it is too late is to rework our thinking and understand that prejudice is learned and not natural, that every man no matter what race, has the same love for his family, experiences the same emotions when a baby is born, when a daughter is married and when he kisses his wife and does he not bleed when he is cut just like you or I, Will he not starve when the food runs out or die from lack of water? We are born with concern for one another, just watch babies at play, we could have ensured the health and safety of all people if we had shared the space and resources of this world instead of being encouraged to benefit from another man’s misfortune as the money lenders do, it is only wrong thinking learned over time, born of greed that has poisoned the minds of men and led to this state we are in.

We can go no further down this road, such damage as has been done to the world will take a long time to remedy and will require the collective efforts of everyone, but failure to stop now and make the necessary changes, at a time when our leaders are causing radiation to be spilled all over the face of the earth, will mean that there will be no tomorrow...
I've now opened a separate blog for articles written by Mr Morsal: Mr Morsal wants to say...