Thursday, 11 March 2010

What on earth is this? Slowed down WTC UFO

I think this one is for all the video and paranormal experts out there. It’s got me stumped!

The movement of the object is so fast that it’s uncertain exactly what’s going on. Only when the video is slowed down can you see what it’s doing.

The object is seen beside the World Trade Centre. It shoots away at incredible speed. The woman in the helicopter cries out “it’s over there!” The camera pans around and the object can be seen in the distance. It suddenly changes direction and speeds towards the helicopter. At first it looks as if it’s on a collision course but then it suddenly swerves upwards out of the way and back in the direction it more or less came from.

There’s a jet-stream clearly visible. Somehow, if UFO’s exist, I don’t imagine them or UFO drones to be propelled by fuel.

It appears to be controlled because it changes direction in a blink of an eye. I can’t imagine it’s a missile because it returns to have a “close encounter” with the helicopter. A missile wouldn’t do that would it?

If you listen closely you can hear a roar as it pulls up out of the way of the helicopter...another reason I don't think it's a UFO but only because I imagine them to be silent.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? Any suggestions greatly appreciated :)

Edit: It's been suggested that:

1. It's a military missile which has gone out of control.
2. An escapee from Roswell